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May 17, 2021
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Barry Thomson: Guitarist/Singer

Barry Thomson is a well known performer in Durban, with many years experience of playing in various shows around KZN and the rest of South Africa.

He is a versatile, entertaining player who has immense passion for his music. From playing solo acoustic gigs to in-your-face rock and roll, he plays from the heart.

In 1999, he co-wrote the Vita Award winning show “The Guitar That Rocked the World” with Themi Venturas. The show is scheduled to make a 10th-year Anniversary Show in 2010.

He is a familiar face at the Heritage Theatre, and his hit show, “A Taste of Thomson” enjoyed 4 successful seasons there, as well as other tribute shows such as Dire Straits “Brothers in Arms”, Neil Diamond “The Jazz Singer” and many more.

He has performed at the White Mountain Folk Festival in 2008 and 2009, where he performed songs from his CD titled “Walk A Mile”- a collection of originals and covers which he has made his own.

He recently  performed in Rock Legends 2 at the Heritage Theatre.

He is currently appearing in “The Guitar That Rocked The World” at the Sneddon Theatre in August 2010.

©2010 Barry Thomson